Saturday, 9 July 2011

the veil of death

I have been ripping out pages and cutting out pictures and throwing them all away.
Damn this book, may it burn in hell, it was fun to read and fun to look at, but now I feel addicted.
This figure of a tall man, the man who watches with no face, he can see with no eyes, hear with no ears, smile with no mouth. What a horribly sicking idea.

its creepy, its terrifying, and I'm begging to get some  understanding on why everyone died or ran away, this only makes me want to find my dad more so I can question him. Before sleeping at night (under a self-constructed roof made of branches) I hear whispers, voices, screams.

Yet no one else is around, voices of an unknown origin that mutter some things to me.
'Sleep. Dont sleep. Sunlight. Darkness. Sky. Look around...DON'T LOOK"
I cant tell if Im dreaming anymore, everything is blurring together I have not slept for a bit, I'm getting sleep tonight even if I have to knock myself out.
And for now I rip another picture with words on top:
mekei ru'inka,
komi da'roe

Translation (my translation is rough):
forever sleeping,
the veil of death

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