Wednesday, 6 July 2011

An Introduction

An Introduction?
I guess you can call me by my birth name, Vivian.
I am nineteen years of age.
I have hazel eyes and dirty blond hair.

I'm not good with these types of things; I was born and raised in a small country home with my mother (Mary) and father (Jay). Both loved me very much and I worked very hard with all the animals: The two dogs, four cows, six sheep, four chickens, one cat and a small pond of fish. (Although these weren’t actually 'ours' I fed them until winter when I would go fishing for a few to keep for dinners in the future, and because I was the only one who took care of them I called them ours).
I've always been a traveler child, which basically means I was always wandering off from our home into the city (which was two hours away by truck) I didn't even know how I lost track of my location.

My mother died when I was fifteen, it was a sudden death that shocked us all. Naturally I was saddened and wandered even further this time into the woods and open fields of tall grass for days before someone found me and brought me back home.

When I was nineteen my father gave me a very old book, the pages were very delicate and could easily tear, all the entries were done in a special ink and there were very artistic hand done drawings of children and sky's and nature.
It was a beautiful gift; the book's cover was a golden color.
I never did open it, until a week ago, I decided to share it will you all of you.
But mainly for my father’s sake, I was hoping answers would lie in the pages.

Maybe some of you can make sense of this 'faceless man' or the 'the masked men'?
Because I myself do not understand, maybe it’s a spirit that haunted the clan or people who played bad tricks to scare the clan out of their land.

I'm wandering only this time I have a purpose, my father is the only reason I keep walking. He may know the answers. He may be in hiding from the men like the ones in the book, the ones with the wooden masks. I hope I can find him and so I will keep walking until I do.

Like Seik'nia, who kept searching for an exit from the wood's I will search for an exit from this loneliness

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