Sunday, 18 September 2011

Soma is...story...

No Doubt, Soma is indeed promised
Promised is defined in this book as someone who has a duty to fulfill yet the faceless man, who I have now learned is dubbed as slender man(To me he will be known as the faceless man.) makes sure they cannot fulfill the duty.

I met a young man and woman a few days ago, they drove me quite a distance, the young girl ‘Soma’ was beautiful but a strange presence caused me to watch her carefully the feeling came off as evil as well as the after effects that also came about.

When I was dropped off I didn’t stop for two days by 11:34 PM on the second day I decided that even though I could keep going it would be safe to call it quits for the night and start again early the next morning. I hid out amongst the trees; I dared not to sleep due to the events that had happened the last time I was in the woods.

The words rung out so clearly, just a few feet away Gabriel yelling at Soma, Soma was not alone though one solid figure that anyone could see was behind her, thousands of non-solid, ghastly figures around her and the faceless man in the trees watching it all happen.

Could he not see him?
Goddammit, you idiot man!

About to take a step forward I tackled him into the cold, hard ground. I almost wanted to yell at him for being a moron, I can’t even remember what I said, we had to go, I spit out whatever I felt needed to be said.
None of which he liked.

The lights at the cafĂ© were bright when we first entered, I’m not usually a rude person but I demanded access to their computers they moved out of the way as I threw Gabriel down.

“Type up everything, post it, let everyone know….they need to know”

So he did, I ordered two coffee’s.
It was a late night; I told him everything I knew about the tall man, the man he saw in the trees. He asked me about my ability to see ghost. It’s not my best skill but I told him about the things I saw around Soma.

Soma, I have no idea how we will end up finding her, it’s quite an annoying story that’s playing through my head.

What if Soma……..was……