Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tinki'na,Seik'nia and Vivian

“Secrets are made to be found out with time.”

A long time ago there was a little tribe of people who everyone called the Tinki'na Tribe.
These people worshiped the ground, the sky and the wind spirits.

One day a man dressed in clothing made of the sky and stars came and took a girl from a wealthy home and brought her into the wood's and hid her in amongst the trees.
The next morning the baby girl cried very loudly for she was hungry and cold from the bare ground.
A hunter found her hidden under the branches of a tree that was far from the trail.
But he wandered over and he picked up the baby and brought her back to the tribe people, the tribe was unsure of what to do with her in fear she may have brought sicknesses and death.

They performed cleaning ritual's and blessings over her.
After two moons a young woman who was newlywed accepted the baby girl into her house, she named the baby girl Seik'nia.

There was stories told about people whom were called the mask men for they wore wooden masks and it was told that if you ever saw there face they would take you and make you like them.
These people were taught to be feared for they served the faceless man.

When the little girl grew up she learned many skills of survival that was taught to her by her father.
Her mother and sisters and brothers and father were all so proud of this girl.
The tribe treated her like she was family and she grew to be loved.
One day the mask men came in and killed the people of the Tinki'na Tribe.
Although many tried to hide they were found and killed one by one.
And fire was set to the holy land, and the forest around it was burned, the screams were absorbed by the reflection of the moon in the water.
they were believed to be killed because only they knew the way to keep the faceless man far away from them.

Seik'nia was not born into the tribe by blood and so her life was spared.
But the mask men did not want to let her live; in fear she would tell the other people of the way to keep the faceless man far away, so they brought her deep into the wood's and left the girl there.
Seik'nia was very lonely for many days and nights she wondered the wood's hoping the sky spirit would lead her to safety but it never.

She grew into a teenage girl and for many years lived among wild animals in harmony for the earth spirit calmed them so they would not fear her; she learned a lot from the wolves and birds and bears.
One day a old man found the beautiful young girl who was dressed in a dress made of white fabric and a crown made of wild flowers that was placed upon her golden hair.
Although he was bewildered at the sight he refused to leave the child alone by the water and so he picked her up and carried her out of the wood's and into his small home.

She could not speak the language of these people but she tried very hard and she learned very quickly.
The old man and woman were very happy to have this child in there home and asked where she came from.
"A place deep in the large trees is where I live, my people were killed I am the final survivor. The men who kill were masked and we could not see the faces of them...I want to return home, and make sure the faceless man stays away from the holy land..."
The old man and woman were confused on who this faceless man was and wanted to keep this girl with them, she refused but they did not want her to go and so they locked her in the highest room.

And so Seik'nia on a cold night ran away from the home by escaping through the window and climbing down the hard top rocks that aligned the top of the house to the solid ground.
She ran back into the wood's the snow was very cold on her bare feet and it made very many red and sore marks on her feet.
After many moon's she returned to her home.

She lit a small fire in a patch of land and she called upon the spirits to bless the land one last time and they did locking her and the secret of how to keep the faceless man away.
And for many years people have tried to find a way to keep the faceless man away and none have succeeded.

My name is Vivian
I too have been searching for an answer that will help any on there search for a escape from the faceless man.
Just like how I look and how many others are looking.

The story of the young brave girl named Seik'nia has been passed down in my family for years for it was told that my great great grandfather was the old man who took her in.
and now I too begin my story and I begin to speak out loud

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