Saturday, 2 July 2011

Curse of this book?

And all things shall be found out.

I assume over time everything will be played out like a beautiful plan and we will hit ourselves for not seeing it sooner.

I bet you its right in front of us, I bet you everything is already there but we are to blind it see it.
I'm starting to wonder if there is a pattern to this books owners.

My great great grandfather gave it to my great grandfather, three months later he committed suicide and the details of it was written in blood.
He died a bloody death.

My great grandfather gave it to my grandfather and three weeks later he died, a page was blank for he died in his sleep.

My grandfather gave the book to my father and three days later he and my grandmother died in a house fire a page was burnt in the center leaving a hole.

My father gave it to me, I was so far the only female child to receive this book because my parents never had a male child, and three hours later he is missing.

A page is torn from the book; I have yet to find the page I fear I may have lost it.
I am scared more to what may have been on it maybe answers or a clue; thinking about it annoys me for it is my fault the page is gone.

Each owner that handed it down is either dead or missing.

This old building is very lonely as well, thats what the old dirty picture frames and broken rocking chair tell me, a beautiful house though I must say.
 The family must have been such lovely people, the smiles and warmth from this old house comforts me in a new way that I have never felt myself.

Dad if only you could feel this warmth, where are you?

I will just wrap myself up in the best jacket I have and type this out, the man across the street has free internet access, and its crappy but good enough for me to post this.

I look forward to tomorrows sun; it's warmth on my face.
That is what I am looking forward to, and maybe I will find my father too and then we can travel to find the land that is holy together.

Father would you like that? I miss your laugh and smile I'm sure mother does too if you see mother say hello for me.
If you can hear my voice please tell her that.
I must get some sleep before daylight comes, post more soon I hope.

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